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In a natural, unspoiled environment, horses would get their nutrients, vitamins and enzymes via the plants because it was readily available in the soil.  In today’s world, due to depleted soils and the way most horses are fed,  these nutrients are not available or at very low levels.  Medicine Bag Complete offers what should be available to the horse  in forage and puts it in a container. 

 The body operates at optimum level when minerals, enzymes, vitamins etc…are available at normal levels.  When this is accomplished; the entire body, including the mind, is affected in a natural, positive way.  The mind becomes unobstructed, clear so the horse can now process outside stimuli properly and is balanced at this level first.  The organs when functioning properly affect the muscles, tissue, fat, skeletal and even more subtle aspects of the physiology of the horse.  Muscle – out of balance muscle is either underdeveloped or overdeveloped.  Underdeveloped muscle creates stamina problems and lack of proper strength to perform.  Overdeveloped muscles tax the system and create an overload in nutrient requirements.  It also restricts the proper fluid movement of a natural horse.  Ligament and tendon elasticity is only possible when the horse is in a balanced state.  Movement again is restricted when the integrity of these have been compromised resulting in bowed tendons, torn suspensories, etc. Bones too become weak showing hairline fractures, breaks, chips, splints, pocketing, OCD lesions, etc… due to lack of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin D3. 

 Foundation is the key – Any horse whose foundation is based upon what would be found in a natural environment is able to breed, conceive, perform and thrive at an optimum level. Medicine Bag Complete offers a truly outstanding blend of Amino Acid Chelated minerals,(85% available) making them readily available to the body, calcium citrate,  top quality vitamins  and several special digestants.  This combination is rarely found in mineral supplementation in the USA.  

We are pleased to offer Medicine Bag Complete in:

25 lb. bucket, priced at $140.00 (6 month supply)

50 lb. bag priced at $240.00 (1 year supply)  

The ingredient list follows:  Yeast, Calcium citrate, Monocalcium phosphate, Magnesium amino acid chelate, Manganese amino acid chelate, Zinc amino acid chelate, Copper amino acid chelate, Cobalt amino acid chelate, Iron amino acid chelate, Potassium Iodize, Vitamin A supplement, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pyridoxine, Biotin, Folic Acid, B12, Vitamin D3 supplement, Vitamin E supplement, Menadione Sodium Bisulfate Complex (Vitamin K), Selenium, Proprietary fermented yeast, Proprietary enzyme blend.

We have been feeding this product to all of our 100+ horses for 9 years with remarkable success.   We've noticed many outstanding changes in growth patterns of youngsters.  Our performing horses show increased endurance, quality of hooves, coat, skin and overall health.  We've suffered no tendon or ligament injuries even as we evented to high levels and trained our dressage horses to the highest FEI levels.

 We highly recommend it with any feed program.

We offer 2 ways to order Medicine Bag Complete from Valhalla Farm:

- You can order it via check. Please e-mail us with your address and we can give you the shipping charges. Once the check is received, we will send it out via FedEx ground service. Or,

- you can make a direct payment to through PayPal (please add a $5 service fee with your payment. We would still need your address prior to payment to calculate shipping charges, e-mail us), once payment is confirmed, it will be shipped ASAP.

testimonials for MBC


I just wanted to let you know of a few personal experiences I’ve had with your product.

I’m the stable manager at a 6500 acre member owned resort. When I first went to work there we had a mare named Jodie who had a badly damaged hoof. She had a split from the hairline to the ground. At the ground it was close to ¼ inch wide. The outside of her hoof wall was very shelley and it would break off and we could only get a nail in the first hole on that side of her shoe.

We tried several remedies to help this hoof with no real results. We heard about Medicine Bag Complete from a friend, Dorman May and decided to give it a try. We could see new hoof growth within a couple of weeks and within 4 months it had grown from hairline to ground. The crack in the center of her hoof was gone and her side wall had greatly improved. We could now get all 4 nails in the shoe on that side. She was once again sound and we sold her with the recommendation that they keep her on Medicine Bag Complete.

A year or so later, a cousin, whose horse they had to dry lot every spring to keep her from over eating the rich green grass, became very sore footed. They didn’t get him pulled in quick enough. When I went over to look at him the soles of his feet were bulging downward. I took him 2/3 bucket of Medicine Bag Complete, told him to give it a try. Not only did his feet straighten upbut the cresty neck and fatty deposits on his rump were gone and he looked 5years younger.

During this time period another cousin had a horse who had been limping. He found him limping out in the pasture and brought him in, thought maybe he had stone bruised. Over the next 2 years they tried several things. First they put shoes on, next they put on pads, sometimes it would help for a week or so but then he would be limping again. They took him to a vet to have his foot x-rayed and found out he had a cracked navicular bone. The vet said all he would ever be was a yard ornament. When he called me he said he might have to put him down.

Dorman and I decided this would be a perfect test for Medicine Bag mineral and Kenny agreed it was worth a try. Within a month Nibbler had quit limping and at 90 days they took him back for an x-ray. The vet couldn’t find any evidence there had ever been a break, told them their horse was sound. They took him home, put him in barrel training and later on sold him as a barrel horse. He is still going strong.

We are very sold on your product. Thanks for all your help.

Billy Bean

Caulfield, MO


We are very pleased to distribute MBP Ligdon, a new and exciting treatment for ligament and tendon injuries.   See

 information below and order through Valhalla Farm.


Medicine Bag Project

Equine Ligament/Tendon Program



Medicine Bag Project (MBP) was established to preserve the ancient Khotani teachings of natural healing.  We work with humans, horses, all breeds of livestock and dogs.  We have worked with vets and doctors especially on the alternative side. 

Through the use of old formulas that have been passed down and new formulations we have numerous formulas for specific and general uses.  The majority of our work and formulations have been in the human and equine fields.  In the equine world our work is predominately with performance horses in the disciplines of dressage, hunter/jumper, and rodeo, racing and reining. 

Most (75-80%) of our work within the equine industry is with severe and traumatic injuries and diseases.  Usually the horse has been treated for some time and the therapy has been unsuccessful.  Prevention (20-25% of our calls) is the key.  However, the high percentage of our calls being traumatic has provided us an arena to develop formulas that have a very high success rate. 


Industry Overview:  

Ligament and tendon (here in after referred to as binder/s) issues have a major impact on the equine industry.  Estimates on the percentage of incidences are as high as 75-80%.  The highest incidences are present within operations where horses are confined (stalls, small paddocks etc.). 

The protocols for recovery of severe cases usually involve rest (often complete stall rest) for 6 mo. – 1 year, a regime of wraps and in many cases surgery.  Time seems to be the key.  However, the percentage of successful recovery averages somewhere between 25-30%.  Depending on the severity of the injury, complete restoration is rarely a prognosis. 

Horses showing very minor to minor binder issues are usually given supplements to help alleviate the pain and reduce swelling.  If the problems persist or worsen the next step in treatment is the administration of synthetic painkillers. 

For the majority of horses with binder problems, their life is one of suffering.  To date, the industry experts have yet to develop a program that is capable of restoring these horses to as close to complete health as possible.  The solution has been retirement or limited performance time. 

Millions of dollars are spent each year on treatment and supplements to help horses with binder issues.  The majority of horses with binder issues are often permanently retired or put into semi retirement status or at worse, destroyed.  The capitol investment lost can be substantial, not to mention the quality of life for the horse. 

People want formulas that work.  Successful recovery programs have proprietary formulas that are rarely made available to the general public.  The public is always directed toward formulas that are mass produced.  The key is to bridge the gap, making unique proprietary formulas available to everyone.     

MBP has a reputation of honesty, integrity and producing only the highest quality supplements, training, therapy and advice That Works.                  


Product Development: 

In 2004 Medicine Bag Project (MBP) was approached by a team of chemists, researchers and nutritionists.  They wanted to develop a ligament/tendon and secondary arthritis formula for performance horses.  We were asked to help develop and test numerous formulations.  Initially MBP was tasked with formulation and sourcing potential test animals.  

The early formulas consisted of 5 – 9 herbs and a Type IV collagen.  The philosophy behind the herbs was to target the key organs responsible for tensile strength and integrity of the binders and to increase the efficacy of the collagen.  We started with Type IV Collagen.   

Shortly into the program we began sourcing Type II collagen.  In the latter part of 2004 we were sent a small batch of UCII® with information regarding Dr. Trentham’s work.  The results of the UCII® Collagen formulas verses the Type IV Collagen formulas were considerable.  From this point on no other collagen was used but UCII®. 

The UCII® was used by itself and at different dosages and in conjunction with herbs.  As the testing continued we realized that UCII® was a very unique product.  Used by itself it was very effective in pain relief, the reduction of swelling, arthritic issues and secondarily but very importantly binder restoration.   

When we combined UCII® with very specific herbal combinations the results were quite amazing.  We were now seeing the results (complete restoration of the binders/joint mechanism) that exceeded our target objective. 

In 2006 and 2007 through several chemists and Interhealth more UCII® was made available for ongoing research.  The target object now included a secondary benefit of cartilage wear.  Again, the results were more than satisfactory.  In 2007 and 2008 we continued the work.  MBP eventually referred to this product (in house) as Pro Reim 1 or simply P.R. 1.  From 2008 to the present MBP has used the Pro Reim (Ligdon) consistently with great results. 


Product Overview 


Organic Lucerne Leaf – is acclaimed as one of the best herbal treatments for arthritis, according to Washington State University. The perennial flowering plant contains a variety of nutrients to treat the cause and symptoms related to arthritis.  Lucerne leaf has detoxifying properties that remove acid from the blood that leads to arthritis, according to Natural Health Remedies.

Organic Barley Grass - Barley grass contains very large amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other beneficial nutrients.  These include essential and non-essential amino acids, high amounts of antioxidants, high amounts of enzymes, including the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase (SOD), high amounts of folic acid, pantothenic acid, high amounts of carotenoids, including beta carotene – apparently more than 6 times the amount of carotene in spinach flavonoids, high amounts of vitamin B1 – apparently 30 times the amount in cows’ milk; and apparently also 4 times the amount in whole wheat flour, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, high amounts of vitamin B12, high amounts of vitamin C – apparently nearly 7 times the amount in oranges; and apparently also more than 3 times the amount in spinach, high amounts of calcium – apparently more than 10 times the amount in cows’ milk, copper, high amounts of iron – apparently almost 5 times the amount in spinach, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, high amounts of organic sodium – apparently more than 25 times the amount in celery; organic sodium helps in joint health as well as improves digestion and zinc 

Fleece Flower Root – is described as a yin tonic that benefits both the kidney and liver meridians. As such, the processed tuber of Fleece Flower Root strengthens tendons, ligaments, and bones.  It is a wonderful blood tonic with the ability to strengthen the membranes of red blood cells and provides strength, resilience, and stamina to the body 

Haridra – is an excellent anti-inflammatory herb and therefore is very good treatment for arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, injuries, trauma, and stiffness from both under activity and over activity. If used before and after any surgery it will decrease the pain and inflammation and accelerate the healing process.  Though it is a pungent herb, it has great healing ability for the tendons and ligaments. It helps them to attain and hold extended movements and to avoid injuries. In the same way it minimizes the pain and inflammation related to any kind of exercise or strenuous activity. Perhaps Haridra’s most important anti-inflammatory mechanism centers on its effects on the Prostaglandins (PGs), a large family of potent lipids produced by the body. PG1 and PG3 calm the body while PG2 inflames the body. Haridra is a potent inhibitor of cyclooxygenase 5-lipoxygenase and also 5-HETE production in neutrophils. Reducing these enzymes means less arachidonic acid metabolism, which means less PG2, which means less pain and inflammation.  

Wild Crafted Shilajita – is used for treating painful conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and other diseases of the joints, as well as for relieving pain caused by injury to the muscles. The nervous system also benefits from Shilajita as it is said to improve nervous disorders, including paralysis, and the substance is also thought to control blood pressure, replenish the body with much needed minerals and vitamins like calcium and magnesium.  

UCII® – Toxicology Department, Murray State University, Murray/Hopkinsville, KY 42240, USA 

The present investigation evaluated arthritic pain in horses receiving daily placebo, undenatured type II collagen (UC-II®) at 320, 480, or 640 mg (providing 80, 120, and 160 mg active UC-II®, respectively), and glucosamine and chondroitin (5.4 and 1.8 g, respectively, bid for the first month, and thereafter once daily) for 150 days. Horses were evaluated for overall pain, pain upon limb manipulation, physical examination, and liver and kidney functions. Evaluation of overall pain was based upon a consistent observation of all subjects during a walk and a trot in the same pattern on the same surface. Pain upon limb manipulation was conducted after the walk and trot. It consisted of placing the affected joint in severe flexion for a period of 60 sec. The limb was then placed to the ground and the animal trotted off. The response to the flexion test was then noted with the first couple of strides the animal took. Flexion test was consistent with determining clinically the degree of osteoarthritis in a joint. Horses receiving placebo showed no change in arthritic condition, while those receiving 320 or 480 or 640 mg UC-II® exhibited significant reduction in arthritic pain (P < 0.05). UC-II® at 480 or 640 mg dose provided equal effects, and therefore, 480 mg dose was considered optimal. With this dose, reduction in overall pain was from 5.7 +/- 0.42 (100%) to 0.7 +/- 0.42 (12%); and in pain upon limb manipulation from 2.35 +/- 0.37 (100%) to 0.52 +/- 0.18 (22%). Although glucosamine and chondroitin treated group showed significant (P < 0.05) reduction in pain compared with pretreated values, the efficacy was less compared with that observed with UC-II®. In fact, UC-II® at 480 or 640 mg dose was found to be more effective than glucosamine and chondroitin in arthritic horses. Clinical condition (body weight, body temperature, respiration rate, and pulse rate), and liver (bilirubin, GGT, and ALP) and kidney (BUN and creatinine) functions remained unchanged, suggesting that these supplements were well tolerated.





#1 Frank; Ohio - Horse had a suspensory ligament that was torn completely in two.  There was some minor tendon damage and severe arthritis in 3 hoof/hock areas.  Recommendation was for the horse to have 6 mos – 1 year stall rest and a 35% chance the horse would ever race again.  Key note – this horse was at Northfield Park which is the hardest harness track in the country.  In 45 days, an x-ray was performed and an ultrasound was done.  They discovered 75% of the arthritis/inflammation was gone.  The suspensory ligament had reattached itself but was still spongy.  Fifteen days later, the horse went back in training. 

#2 Lee; Colorado – Horse with a severely torn tendon and it had been lame for one year.  The horse was started on the Lidgon formula and within a week they noticed improvement.  At 30 days they started riding the horse again.  At 60 days they were back to roping full time.  

#3 Terry; Oklahoma - Horse had been lame for over a year.  This horse had ligament and tendon issues for several years which included stall rest.   We put the horse on 60 days of Ligdon formula.  At 75 days the horse was back roping part time and was roping full time at 90 days.  

#4 Chuck; Oklahoma - Horse had a slight tear on the deep digital flexor tendon.  The horse was still performing, but showed signs of periodic lameness.  In the peak of the season, the horse was used a lot and it would need periodic rest.  The horse started the formula while still performing.  Half way through the regimen, the horse was doing so well they decided no more was needed. Frequent updates showed the horse maintained its recovery.  

#5 John; Ohio – Horse one had moderately arthritic hock and severe tendon tear.  The horse had been off and on lame for over a year and they were considering selling the mare.  Thirty days after starting the Ligdon formula the horse was showing no signs of lameness.  It was decided to put the mare on a maintenance dose for thirty more days.  At 60 days the horse was put back into training. 

#6 John; Ohio – Horse two was a very severe case.  He was purchased as a test.   After John saw the results of Ligdon on several horses he decided to purchase a horse that was completely lame.  This horse could barely walk and at times could not move at all.  It was in constant pain.  The horse had arthritis, severe inflammation of the hocks and knee joints, ligament and tendon damage in several locations and major hoof issues.  Two weeks into the program (Ligdon and MBC) the horse was moving more freely and the inflammation had reduced by 50-60%.  The horse began to walk more frequently without severe pain.  At 30 days x-rays showed the arthritis had been reduced by 70-75%.  There was also a marked improvement to the ligaments and tendons.  At 60 days the horse showed an 80% reduction in lameness and the associated pain.  The ligaments and tendons appeared to be healed.  The arthritis had improved 85-90%.





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